Recent Event Highlights

The Coppell Republican Club sponsors a variety events with speakers across diverse topics of interest to the club members. Some recent events included:

  • Fundraiser for Beth Van Duyne
  • CRC and CRW - present meet and greet with Texas Senate district 12 Candidate, Tan Parker - Chris Russell
  • CRC and DJC Present - Beth Van Duyne
  • CRC and DJC Present - Ted Cruz
  • CRC and IRW present Jaco Booyen
  • Louie Gohmert, US Congressman
  • Victor Avila, Author, Former Federal Agent
  • Cindi Castilla, President Texas Eagle Forum

Below are links to pictures from some of our events. 

Don Huffines

FMR US Black Hawk Pilot

Supporting our Veterans

Carry the Load

Social Event

2023 Events

Wade Miller

How to Defund Woke

Tim Hardin

Breaking through the 88th Legislative Session

Sanjay Narayan

Energy Security and Independence

Coppell City Councilmembers

New in Coppell and Elections

2022 Events

July 4th Coppell Parade

July 4th Coppell Parade

Judicial Forum

February 16, 2022

Tan Parker Chris Russell

CRC and CRW - present Tan Parker and Chris Russell

Feb 21 2022

Beth Van Duyne

CRC and DJC present Beth Van Duyne

Feb 9th 2022

Ted Cruz

CRC and DJC Present Ted Cruz

Jan 27,2022

Jaco Booyen

CRC and IRW present Jaco Booyen

Jan 10,2022

Empower Republican Women

IRW and CRC present Candidate Fair

2021 Events

2021 CRC Christmas Party

Coppell Republican Club

2021 CRC Christmas Party

Copell Parade

Copell Parade

Tree Lighting
December 4, 2021

Louie Gohmert

US Congressman

Louie Gohmert
Nov 8, 2021

Cindi Castilla

Cindi Castilla

Critical Race Theory
October 11, 2021

Matt Rinaldi

Matt Rinaldi

Susan Fountain & Matt Patrick
October 7, 2021

Talking Poilitics

Talking Politics

At the Dinner Table
August 17, 2021

Agent Under Fire

Agent Under Fire

Victor Avila
September 13, 2021